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About Sue Rosengard

Sue Rosengard

I started Sue Rosengard Jewelry Design, Ltd. in New York City after receiving a B.A. in French from the University of Illinois, following studies in Paris and Italy. My jewelry education, while primarily self-taught, began with a jewelry making class at the New School in New York. I continued with classes over the next few years eventually returning to my hometown of Chicago to start making jewelry full-time.

I have always tried to create affordable, well-crafted and well-designed jewelry. The contemporary geometric shapes are structured to flatter the face or lapel of the wearer while being lightweight, easy to wear, and timeless. My inspiration partly comes from growing up in Chicago among the skyscrapers and Frank Lloyd Wright influences. The designers of the Modernist era (1940-1960) have also been significant – jewelers Margaret de Patta and Paul Lobel, sculptor Alexander Calder, and designer Russell Wright .

My contemporary sculptural jewelry is hand fabricated primarily in silver or gold. Each piece is individually made and no two are exactly identical. I rarely if ever use any jigs or templates, preferring to use my pliers and mandrels, and often just my fingers and hands to form, curve, and bend the silver or gold wire into miniature sculptures. I am the happiest and most creative when I can touch and feel the material.

The designs tend to appeal to people across all ages and tastes and my goal is to have my customers wear a piece of jewelry that complements their own style and personality.