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Where were you in 2002?

by admin on January 3, 2015, no comments

Hello 2015

In 2002 my studio was 2 doors north of where I am now, I had a paper newsletter (see below), we were recovering from the new decade (remember Y2K?) and the horror of 911. Cell phones were just coming into being and were not so smart. The internet was still a fledgling enterprise and I certainly did not foresee what it has become today. Heck, I still remember being amazed by the shoe phone on Get Smart. But we have weathered what’s politely referred to as the economic downturn and are now seeing a resurgence of the economy, albeit in a new faster mobile world. In our industry we have seen redefinition, retirement and repositioning. Things change and we must go with it or be left using the equivalent of the shoe phone.

Thank you to everyone who helped make 2014 a fabulous year for me, both professionally and personally. This year I want to connect more with my customers, make some of my business trips more pleasurable by seeing friends, family  and customers along the way, and being more focused so I can have more fun time. And a blog. Years ago, I had an old-fashioned newsletter for Sue Rosengard Jewelry Design, Ltd. It was paper, we mailed it, and it was called Under the Wire. It fell to the wayside but the regular blog posts on UndertheWire.net will be a good place to pick up. A copy of my first newsletter from 2002 is below. Do you remember it?

In a few weeks I will be heading off to a series of trade shows in Washington DC, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. This is how the museum stores, craft galleries and upscale boutiques that carry my jewelry find me and place orders. If you have a store, please click here to see my crazy show schedule. New jewelry will start to be in stores as early as late January.

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Thank you for reading, thank you for being a fan and supporter.  Here’s to a great start for 2015.
Newsletter 2002 ed